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The dashboards were designed by educators for educators through the RISE Network partnership. We believe educators deserve accurate and timely information and resources to meet the needs of every student. Educators work tirelessly every day to help their students realize and achieve their full potential, and the dashboards are resources to support them in engaging their students.

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Meriden Data Dashboards

Connecting educators to information in support of student success

Meriden Public Schools is committed to providing all students with educational opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to lead productive and self-sustaining lives in a democratic, multicultural society. Through a partnership with the RISE Network, Meriden provides educators with data dashboards and resources to help all students realize and achieve their full potential.


The Data Hub is the next generation of RISE data tools. In response to feedback from our partners, the Hub streamlines data and productivity tools in one place to help teams and individuals generate insights to improve student support. The Hub now includes the Postsecondary Tracker, the OTC Check-in app, and various dashboards, lists, and reports.

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